We’re on a mission to accelerate India’s transition to greener mobility.

Our vision is to enable a robust, and connected electric vehicle charging ecosystem for India.

A little history.

Evy Energy was founded in September 2020 by IIT Guwahati graduates Tushar Bohra, Bhabani Shankar Mohapatra, and Mohit Jain. Globally, the mobility sector was witnessing the transition to electric vehicles. Deep within India was fighting its own battle of EV adoption. The number of EV models in the market was low, chargers were even fewer. But the change was imminent. We entered the market through our charger aggregator mobile platform to solve the problem of charger accessibility. During the following months, we launched our second product - ChargeConnect to provide total control of charging systems to charger owners. In February 2022, we were joined by investors at gradCapital in our mission. The journey of connecting the electric vehicle charging ecosystem goes on.

Built by a small but mighty crew.

Contact us

If you have any questions, mail us at hello@evyenergy.com